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What to Expect

Building a new home can feel like an intimidating process. Our top priority is for RDH clients to feel comfortable, confident, and informed throughout the homebuilding process. While each build can vary based on our clients' wants and needs, here is what you can expect during the homebuilding journey.

The Building Process

Home Schooling

Step 1

Discovery Meeting

This is our chance to learn about you! During the Discovery Meeting with our sales team, we will discuss your vision and needs for a new home, including your must-haves and have-nots. We will guide you towards a plan and location that meets your requirements and can review any specific modifications or changes you might want to make to one of our plans.

Reading a Document

Step 2

Construction Proposal

We will provide you with a detailed Construction Proposal that outlines the cost of the home, the standard finishes you can expect in an RDH home, and any upgrades or modifications you’ve requested. Our goal is to provide a clear and easy-to-understand proposal that is straightforward and transparent.

Shaking Hands

Step 3

Meet with a Lender

If you plan on financing your home, this is the best time to meet with your lender of choice or choose to meet with our Preferred Lender for a few extra perks. They’ll be able to tell you what financial products are best for you and give you an idea of the monthly cost of the proposed home.

Contract Signature

Step 4

Sign Contract

We’ll sign a Contract that outlines the terms and conditions of your build. Our Contracts are structured so that they don’t require additional payments during the build process. You can sign today and simply purchase the house when it’s complete.

Screenshot 2023-05-15 083549.png

Step 5

Plan Review

At the Plan Review meeting, we’ll go over the construction plans, making sure we’ve clarified our standard features and any modifications included in the Construction Proposal and Contract. We want to ensure we get it right before we start building your new home!

Designer Comparing Samples

Step 6


At our in-house design center, you’ll find an array of options for flooring, fixtures, hardware, masonry, and more. Our Director of Design will walk you through the time-sensitive selections to ensure we get what you want ordered as soon as possible and eliminate any potential stressors down the road.


Step 7


With many of your selections made, the plans confirmed by you, and the house permitted, we’ll begin building your home!

Calendar Pages

Step 8

Prepare for Closing

One to two months before completion, we’ll let you know what day we plan on setting as our formal closing date. This is the perfect time to begin getting your financing finalized so we can have a smooth lead up to closing day.

In a Meeting

Step 9


Approximately 10-14 days from closing, we’ll do a formal orientation, answering any questions about your home, going over operational and maintenance recommendations and practices, and allowing you a chance to point out any concerns you may have. A few days before closing, we’ll re-walk your home with you to confirm everything looks great!

712 Whirlaway Hewitt TX 76643-large-002-030-cropped-1500x1000-72dpi_edited_edited.jpg

Step 10

Welcome Home!

On the day of closing, we’ll meet at the title company where you will sign any loan documents with your lender and get the keys to your new home! We are so grateful that you chose RDH | Your Hometown Builder®.

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