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Our 5 Favorite Sites for Home Design Inspiration

Looking for design inspiration for your home can be an overwhelming process. From Pinterest to Instagram, to countless blogs— there is no shortage of design "inspo" available on the internet.

When it comes to finding home design inspiration, blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram are invaluable sources that offer a vast array of ideas and creativity. Blogs dedicated to home design provide detailed articles, expert tips, and captivating visuals that delve into various styles, trends, and DIY projects. Pinterest serves as a visual wonderland, where users can create personalized boards filled with stunning images, mood boards, and curated collections. It's a treasure trove of inspiration, allowing users to explore countless home design ideas from around the world. Instagram, with its thriving community of interior design enthusiasts and professionals, offers an immersive experience through beautifully curated feeds. From minimalistic aesthetics to eclectic designs, Instagram showcases real-life homes, room makeovers, and innovative decor solutions, making it an endless source of inspiration. Whether you're seeking ideas for a complete home renovation or simply looking to refresh a specific room, these platforms open up a world of inspiration and help transform your dream home into a reality.

To help you on your search, here are five of our favorite websites for home design inspiration:

Style by Emily Henderson is the best blog for decorating your new home. She talks about everything from measuring curtains, correct furniture sizes, and neutral color pallets.

Chris Loves Julia is a great resource for “trade secrets”, home organization, and one of the best ways to think about room and design color palettes.

Tao of Dana is a great way to learn about Feng Shu and the flow of a room. Her practical way of fixing a space is awesome and makes her one of our all-time favorites! Dana's love of color, plants, art and creativity makes you want to be in your space more often.

Becki Owens is always on top of current trends for freshening up a space. She does a great job of incorporating a classic but trendy look.

The Nordroom is one of the blogs that we like to reference for new trends in colors and paints. The blog also shows some great color schemes to inspire any new homeowner.


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